HR Department or outsourced headhunting?

When making a targeted search for qualified managers in sales there are basically two options. Either one relies on one’s own human resources department, or one outsources this difficult task to professional headhunters who are, ideally, specialised in the recruitment of top executives in sales. The latter may be the better decision for a variety of reasons.

Headhunting in sales

Why outsourcing is often the better alternative

The fact is that more and more companies are outsourcing headhunting. This also applies for the recruitment of key positions in the area of sales. The reason for this is that, here, relevant knowledge and experience are particularly important for success. That is why every headhunter at salesjob was previously employed in sales themselves. But beyond this, there are other arguments which speak in favour of outsourcing headhunting activities.

# Because specialists in sales are rare

The competition for the best talent has developed into an all-out contest due to the limited number of available and qualified candidates in sales. At the same time, HR departments are  confronted with constantly rising requirements in every area. The outsourcing of headhunting can relieve the HR department and increase the chances of success.

# Because the resources of the HR department are limited

Finding experts in sales is a highly laborious process. To tackle it in a professional way calls for considerable personnel resources. At the same time, it generates organisational demands which the HR department is often no longer able to cope with. The logical consequences include a loss of quality in the recruiting process and, as a result, competitive disadvantages due to a lack of competency in the personnel. The outsourcing of headhunting activities increases the likelihood of optimal staffing choices. On the other hand, this also creates the opportunity to adjust quickly and flexible to current business realities.

# Because discretion is maintained, absolutely

Many companies outsource headhunting for competitive reasons, especially when they would like to open up new markets or market segments and are looking for top executives in these areas. Making compromises in the recruiting process can mean that competitors find out much too early about expansive activities and take advantage of it. Engaging a recognised headhunter, such as salesjob, guarantees the desired discretion during the entire search process.

# Because outsourcing brings new input

Unlike HR departments, external headhunters approach the personnel search process with unbiased distance. After becoming acquainted with – and in constant consideration of – the respective company culture, they are able to judge more than just the formal qualifications of candidates. Moreover, it is easier for them to recognise and recommend the most suitable personality. This also allows personnel decision-makers to avoid the natural human tendency towards so-called assortative mating. This refers to the phenomenon in which someone always hires the same type of employee because of certain similarities to themselves.
In point of fact, there are more arguments in favour of outsourcing headhunting activities. For example, because headhunters are better able to orient themselves in the confusing personnel markets and also maintain very good networks.

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