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Due to the constantly rising demand, the supply of headhunters has increased significantly in recent years. For companies, this does not necessarily make the issue any easier. It is also even more difficult to find the best headhunter for your company. The quality of the services performed and the level of seriousness vary widely. This makes two questions all the more urgent: What makes for the best headhunter? And how do you find them?

Experience, customers, price

How do you recognise the best headhunter?

What makes for the best headhunter is always a question of individual preference. Not every provider fits with every company. That’s normal because it’s human. At yet, there are objective criteria which can be used as orientation in the search for the best headhunter. Specialisation in the respective speciality, for example, is a mark of quality which many company correctly place value on in their search. At salesjob, for example, we have concentrated on the cross-industry finding of top sales executives and are therefore considered absolute specialists in this area in Germany, Austria and Italy.

# Experience makes a professional

The rapid growth in the supply of headhunters on the market also quickly leads to the disappearance of many new providers. Some players underestimate the complexity of the task, as well as the high degree of experience and knowledge required. This means that the best headhunters can be recognised by how long they have already been in business. Since 2000, salesjob has offered professional headhunting in sales. Prior to this, CEO Clemens Nau gained a great deal of experience in various leading sales positions. The same applies to the staff of salesjob, who make use of their practical experience in sales to support customers. 

# Customers mean a great deal

When searching for the best headhunter, it is worthwhile to take a look at the customers. Many headhunters already present references on their websites. These references, however, only tell part of the story. That is why is makes sense to ask the headhunter for more information about the companies listed. The quality of the answer can tell you a lot about the personnel advisor. Simply for reasons of discretion, salesjob does not provide references on our website, but rather during the initial consultation, i.e. once a certain degree of trust has been established.

# (Don’t) look at the price

The best headhunters are very thorough. They carry out detailed interviews, analyse every candidate and submit elaborate reports to the customer. That means a great deal of work. It is indeed often underestimated how work-intensive a really qualified recruiting process can be from the market research to finding candidates. For this reason, it is important to look not only at the price when engaging a headhunter. At the same time, the price can be an indicator of quality. A headhunter with the lowest offer has to save that money somewhere in order to remain profitable. That results in poorer results. Or, in other words: the best headhunters are worth paying for.    

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