How to find top sellers even in times of crisis

The consequences of covid and other crises do not necessarily make it easier for companies to succeed in the employee market. So it's all the better to have a headhunter at your side who can nevertheless fill important sales positions with highly qualified people, taking into account current and, in some cases, crisis-related trends in the recruiting process. Two key words here are: virtual search and corporate social responsibility.

The pandemic has changed recruiting in sales as well, adding fuel to already existing trends. In particular, the virtual search for new employees is a path that will be pursued more intensively in the future. Whereas many companies have already engaged in a remote candidate search. In this way, a hybrid hiring process has emerged that presents some challenges. For example, because the search should remain a "human" process and it is necessary to weigh when to proceed virtually and when in person. This is a particularly important issue when looking for top sales staff. After all, social competence, the ability to empathize, but also self-confidence and authenticity are important qualities here that can undoubtedly be better assessed in a personal encounter than in an online interview, for example. 

Why crisis time is also headhunter time?

The changes brought about by the crisis naturally also have a direct impact on HR managers in sales. You either need to adapt quickly to the new circumstances or put the search for top talent in the hands of an experienced headhunter. The latter is recommended for two main reasons. First, professional recruiters have perfected the hybrid search in a short time. Secondly, they always have access to highly qualified candidates in both good and less good economic times thanks to their databases and contacts. These include many who are not actually available on the market. Or to put it another way: Headhunters are always the best alternative to optimally fill management positions despite the chronic shortage of high-performing sales professionals.  

Building employees instead of looking for employees

The persistent shortage of skilled workers just mentioned also results in two interesting developments, the impact of which on recruiting highly skilled workers in sales is not yet foreseeable: First, more and more companies are pushing employer branding. Second, due to the supply shortage, recruiting appears to be changing in a direction that points more toward employee self-building than new-employee hiring. In fact, due to the increasing uncertainty, it is to be expected that many companies will work in a more project-oriented and interdisciplinary way and will therefore rely more on their junior staff. Ergo, the focus of recruiters and headhunters on the qualities of sales candidates could soon shift somewhat. Specifically, in favour of transferable potential such as adaptability, flexibility and problem-solving skills at the expense of purely technical competence.

Employer branding is becoming increasingly relevant

It is also interesting to note the general trend of candidates attaching increasing importance to social aspects when selecting their employers. Keyword Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). In other words, the voluntary contribution that a company makes to sustainable development over and above the legal requirements. The candidates' main focus is on what the company is doing to support its employees and customers. Professional headhunters in sales are aware of the relevance of these topics and recommend that their clients position themselves clearly as part of their employer branding strategy. After all, an interesting and socially credible employer positioning is now a relevant piece of the puzzle. It makes the demanding search for professionals in sales at least a little easier and means an additional advantage in what is known as the war of talents.  

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