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As leading headhunters with a special focus on the office furniture industry, we understand the high demands and uniqueness of the B2B market. In a market characterised by demanding customers, functionality, and a holistic approach, we as headhunters must not only demonstrate industry-specific expertise, but also offer a service that meets the highest standards of professionalism. 

We know how to connect our clients’ needs with the best talents, who can design work environments that are not only functionally appealing, but also environmentally and socially responsible. Our mission is to be partners for companies that are ready to take on the challenges of tomorrow and reshape the world of work in a sustainable and innovative way.

With decades of experience and an incomparable understanding of the requirements of the industry, we set standards in the recruitment of sales professionals. Our approach is as individual as the needs of our clients in the areas of furniture, flooring, fabrics, lighting, acoustic solutions & partitions, building automation, and digital solutions for space use.

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salesjob Headhunter: Your premium partner for sales positions in the office furniture industry

Recruitment in the B2B sector of the office furniture industry places special demands on a head-hunter’s professionalism and skills. 

Compared to technical or industry-oriented sectors, the focus in the office furniture segment is more on design, sustainability, and specific branding. While technical specifications and functionality often play the leading role in other industries, as head-hunters in the contract furniture industry, we have to offer a unique mix of commercial understanding, aesthetic awareness, and exclusive market access.

This requires specialist knowledge and a special approach that is clearly different from other industrial sectors.

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The future of work environments

Focus on sustainability and a holistic approach

Modern workplaces need to be functional, flexible, and fit for the future. Companies face the challenge of creating spaces that optimally support the needs of both employees who regularly work in the office and remote workers. The analysis of work processes and space use is therefore a critical aspect in the design of office environments. It's about understanding who works how and which tools and spaces best support these ways of working.

The issue of sustainability is becoming increasingly important in the office furniture industry. Companies are looking for solutions that are not only functionally and aesthetically appealing, but also environmentally friendly. This includes selecting materials that are both recyclable and durable, as well as implementing environmental management systems that help minimise a company's environmental footprint. The demand for furniture produced in a way that is both ecologically and socially responsible is increasing.

Clemens Nau, Managing Director of salesjob and specialist headhunter for office furniture, has this to say:

“In a world that is constantly changing, it is essential for companies to not only keep up with progress, but also proactively shape work environments that promote efficiency, well-being, and sustainability. Nowadays, furnishing workplaces is no longer just about buying individual pieces of furniture such as tables or chairs. Rather, the focus is on creating holistic solutions that encompass all aspects of modern work processes – from acoustics to room management to lighting.

Issues such as sustainability and environmental awareness are playing an increasingly important role in this. As specialist head-hunters for the office furniture industry, we understand these developments and support our clients in finding the talents who can master these complex requirements."

Clemens Nau

CEO Chief Executive Officer

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Understanding of design & aesthetics

Design plays a central role in the office furniture segment. The products are not only functional and an expression of style and aesthetics, but also sustainable. Our customers in this segment expect every aspect of their space to convey the right message and represent their brand. As head-hunters, we must therefore have a strong understanding of design principles and current trends. This knowledge enables us to identify candidates who not only have sales skills, but also a passion for design and a sense of aesthetics, as well as a holistic view of work environments.

Technical understanding & product knowledge

In addition to a sense of design, comprehensive technical product knowledge is also essential. Office furniture can be complex products that have specific technical requirements, for example in terms of material properties, fire protection standards, or sustainability certifications. As head-hunters, we have to be able to understand the technical aspects and product features in order to effectively select the right candidates who are able to market these products competently and provide comprehensive advice to customers.

Industry knowledge & network

As specialist headhunters in the office furniture industry, we have comprehensive knowledge of the industry and an extensive network of contacts. This includes not only potential candidates, but also key decision-makers within the target industries. Our customers include manufacturers and retailers of furniture, flooring, fabrics, acoustic modules, sun protection, lighting, building automation, and partition wall systems. Understanding market trends and competition conditions, as well as knowledge of key players, are critical to successfully recruiting the best talent and advising our clients.

Skills in candidate assessment and matching

Assessing candidates requires a particularly differentiated approach in the office furniture industry. It is not only their professional qualifications that are decisive, but also the cultural fit and the candidate’s ability to operate in an environment that is often very design- and trend-oriented. As head-hunters, we have to have a deep understanding of the customer's corporate culture and their specific needs in order to correctly assess the suitability of a candidate.


Negotiation skills and strategic thinking

In the office furniture industry, it is often necessary for sales professionals to not only sell products, but also be able to develop long-term partnerships. Therefore, as head-hunters, we must not only identify excellent candidates, but also be able to assess their negotiating skills and strategic thinking. These skills are critical to building long-term, successful relationships between clients and their customers.

Professional integrity and confidentiality

In a market segment characterised by high investment and strong competition, discretion and confidentiality are of paramount importance. This includes the confidential handling of client information and the careful treatment of sensitive data. The ability to build and maintain trust is critical to success in this exclusive market segment.

Our process

How we find your office furniture sales professionals

Every search for qualified salespeople is a little different. Much depends on the position to be filled: whether there is a management role to be filled or rather one in which hands-on abilities are required. Your corporate culture also plays a significant role. At first glance, it seems difficult for a headhunter in sales to establish a standardised and structured approach. Yet we have succeeded. We have developed a specific yet flexible way to test the respective skills of the sales candidates with regard to the advertised position down to every last detail.

Individual consultation

Each project starts with a detailed briefing, during which we get an understanding of your specific requirements and goals.

Strategic search

Through our exclusive resources and advanced recruitment techniques, we identify the best talents for your business.

Careful selection

We conduct detailed interviews and assessment procedures to ensure that only the most suitable candidates are selected.

Lasting integration

Even after a successful placement, we support the integration of the talents into your company and ensure a smooth transition phase.

Our services

The role of headhunters in the transformation of the world of work

As specialist headhunters for the office furniture industry, we play a crucial role in supporting our clients. We help them to find managers and specialists who have not only the necessary technical knowledge and experience in the furniture industry, but also a deep understanding of the complex requirements of modern working environments. Our expertise enables us to identify talents who are able to develop innovative solutions that combine functionality, aesthetics, and environmental awareness. 

In today's fast-paced world, it is crucial for companies to create work environments that meet the requirements not just of the present, but also of the future. By working with a specialist headhunter, companies can ensure that they attract the best talent to overcome these challenges and contribute to their long-term success.

  • Industry-specific expertise: we understand the unique features of the office furniture industry like no one else. This knowledge enables us to accurately assess the skills and potential of candidates who not only meet your current needs, but can also help you achieve your future business goals.
  • Quality and precision in candidate selection: we implement a rigorous our candidate selection process that ensures we propose only the best sales talents, tailored to your specific needs. We use advanced recruitment technologies and methods to ensure that each candidate is not only qualified, but also perfectly suited to your company culture.
  • Long-term partnerships: at salesjob Headhunter, we see ourselves not only as your recruitment service provider, but as a long-term partner. We understand that your business's needs may evolve over time and are prepared to support and accommodate you on an ongoing basis. Our collaboration does not end with a successful placement – we are at your side to ensure that your new employees are successfully integrated and create long-term value.
  • Exclusive network: our extensive network in the office furniture industry enables us to quickly and efficiently access a wide range of top talents. This means you will find the ideal candidates for your vacant positions not only faster, but also more effectively.

Rely on salesjob Headhunters if you want to ensure that your sales positions are filled with professionals who really understand how to succeed in the office furniture industry.


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